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Dr. Hanbit Chi and our team are committed to the excellent oral health of our patients. As a practitioner of functional dentistry, Dr. Chi understands how oral health is tied to the health and well-being of the whole body. He delivers comprehensive oral health care, while also attending to the mind-body connection.

The focus of our West Seattle practice is to engineer a beautiful and healthy smile for our patients through regular dental examinations and cleanings, oral analysis, restorative dentistry, and full dental makeovers. We screen for periodontal disease, cancer, malocclusion, and TMJ disorder, and we provide treatments that relieve pain and restore health for these conditions.

Expect to acquire a wealth of information about your oral health and treatment options at your visit. At Alki Family Dental, our goal is to provide you with the data required to make informed decisions about dental care, health, and daily choices. Dr. Chi will take time to discuss your concerns and answer your questions. He’ll work with you, as your partner, to determine the best treatment plan for your lifestyle and goals.

Please feel free to browse our website and learn more about general oral health, as well as the services we provide.

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What is functional dentistry?

Besides tooth decay and periodontal disease, other issues can also threaten the health and function of your smile, such as occlusal problems, bruxism, and TMJ disorder (to name just a few). Functional dentistry is the art of helping your bite function its best by maintaining proper tooth and jaw balance.

Bruxism, the unconscious grinding of your teeth, can lead to extensive tooth damage. TMJ disorder, a dysfunction in your jaw’s joints, can make biting, chewing, and speaking difficult and uncomfortable. Both conditions can be caused or exacerbated by a discrepancy in your bite (occlusion) and in some cases, occlusal analysis can gauge your likelihood of functional issues.

As you can see, the mouth is a complex system in which teeth, jaws, gums, muscles, nerves, and soft tissues must work together in harmony for optimal oral function and comfort. Dr. Chi focuses on each component of the oral system so that problematic underlying issues may be identified and addressed. He has made this critical understanding the foundation of his dental practice: Proper function is the cornerstone of dental health

At your checkup, the doctor will perform a comprehensive occlusal analysis to determine whether the components of your oral system are working together in balance. He will evaluate how your upper and lower teeth fit together, how your jaw joints are seated, and he’ll look for signs of crazing, chips, fractures, and wear on your back teeth. If he notices any issues, he may ask you questions and do a further examination to determine whether bruxism or TMJ disorder is a concern.