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Often when a dentist or technician finds an issue in your mouth, they are left to explain what they see without the ability to show you. Hanbit Chi, DDS, and Sarah Park, DDS, of Alki Dental, serving Seattle, Washington, and the surrounding areas, use an intraoral camera to show their patients, in real-time, exactly what the issue is. Call the West Seattle office or book your appointment online today to find out more.

What is an intraoral camera?

An intraoral camera is a tool used by dentists and technicians to show their patients live and in real-time what they’re doing in their mouth. This allows staff to explain and educate about issues they observe while showing the patients specific examples. 

This process helps ease anxiety and reassures patients by allowing them to view the procedure, easing their fears about any unknown feelings and sounds.

How does an intraoral camera work?

A high-resolution camera attaches to a small instrument the size of a pen, which is placed in the mouth and attaches to a monitor. The monitor is placed in front of the exam chair, allowing patients to see the procedure as it happens. An LED light helps illuminate darker areas, and the camera can be maneuvered 90 degrees to help show even the most challenging spots.

What can an intraoral camera show?

Intraoral cameras are used during an examination to help show and explain common signs of gum disease, cavities, cracked or broken teeth, erosion, discoloration, mouth sores, and more. It can also help technicians educate patients about procedures like teeth cleanings, fillings, flossing, and teeth whitening.

What are the benefits of using an intraoral camera? 

Before the intraoral camera, dentists and techniques were either left to explain what they saw or use a handheld mirror in front of your mouth, which could be awkward, invasive, uncomfortable, dark, and fail to provide an accurate view of the underlying issues. 

With intraoral cameras, patients can now see specific issues with their own eyes and get photographic evidence for their charts to submit for insurance claims. Unlike traditional X-rays, intraoral cameras help dentists diagnose problems quickly and more effectively.

How can I use intraoral camera photos for insurance claims? 

Many times insurance companies want visual proof of an issue if you want coverage for a procedure or treatment. Intraoral cameras allow the technicians to snap a photo with a click of a button and either print out or email your proof. You can submit these photos alongside claims to insurance companies to help get you compensation.

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