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Teeth Whitening

Before and after photo of teeth whitening treatmentWe all are concerned with our appearance to one degree or another. Looking in the mirror and brushing our hair, wearing clothes that accentuate our appearance, and checking our smile. We look at our teeth to make sure we do not have food stuck between them and our smiles are bright. Over time, that smile can lose a bit of its brightness. While we might try a whitening toothpaste, they simply cannot do the trick. As we age, teeth can become discolored and more porous. When our tooth enamel becomes more porous, it becomes far easier to draw stains from the drinks and the foods we eat. The things we come in contact with every day and can stain our teeth the most are tea, coffee, acidic fruits and beverages, and smoking.

For those patients concerned with their teeth not looking as bright as they once did, there is a solution. That solution? A whitening procedure. This procedure can greatly improve the luster of teeth and takes less than an hour at a single appointment.

Concerns Over Whitening Procedures

Social media and mainstream media ads concerning over-the-counter whitening treatments are all over. These are appealing on so many levels. First, they are less expensive than the office solutions we offer and second they can be done in the convenience of the patient’s home. The problem with them? The effects of the at-home whitening solution treatments can be incredibly harsh to tooth enamel and other soft tissues of the mouth. The effects of these treatments are not as long-lasting as those applied in our office either. Incredibly the effects can last up to ten times longer than the at-home solutions. Another benefit is the whitening process is closely monitored while in our office so there is no chance to be overexposed to the solution which can cause damage.

Over The Counter Solutions vs Professional Solutions

The one size fits all solution trays which come with the at-home solutions are not ideal. They can lead to complications with chewing due to the tissue reacting with the solution. Gums can become red and irritated very easily. While some of this damage can heal over time some of it will not.

The at-home whitening solution is not as strong and therefore not as effective in whitening the patient’s teeth. The solution ranges from 10-20% carbamide peroxide content, whereas the solution we provide has a 40% concentration.

With so many over-the-counter whitening solutions available and with so many patients using them and damaging their oral cavity, the American Dental Association has issued several warnings. They state that when the at-home whitening solutions are abused, they can result in permanent damage.

Rather than take the chance of damaging teeth and gums, why not come into our office today? We can go over the whitening procedure and explain the risks of the over-the-counter solutions. We are always here for your oral cavity health needs and looking forward to seeing you. Contact us at 206-791-2020 to schedule your first appointment.
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