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Dentistry for Kids

Young girl brushing her teethParents have so many things to worry about with regard to keeping their children healthy. They do their best to ensure their children have a balanced diet and to keep them away from germs, so they do not get sick. They also take them to the doctor for regular check-ups for their medical health. One of the things they also worry about is their child’s dental care.

Many parents are unsure of when they should start bringing their children in for cleanings and examinations. It is generally accepted that the earlier they start coming in for regular cleanings the better. They get used to coming to the dentist and learn the proper flossing and brushing techniques. The things they learn at these early appointments will be the techniques and skills they take with them as they grow to adulthood. Coming in for regular cleanings and examinations can help eliminate the need for invasive surgical procedures. This can also help in identifying problems early so treatment can begin early.

Parents with questions regarding their child’s care with regard to pediatric dentistry should come into our office to get more information. We can provide guidance and schedule your child’s appointment at that time. You can also take a look at our office and see our kid-friendly atmosphere and meet some of our staff. This all lends itself to your child having a positive experience while visiting the dentist.

What Age Should I Start Bringing my Child to the Dentist?

The American Dental Association and the Academy of Pediatrics agree that all children should come in for what is known as a wellness check before they are 1 year old. While this might surprise parents, it is important they be seen early so the child and the parent can learn about proper care of the child’s teeth. This information and learned techniques play an important part in oral cavity health as they grow older. It educates the parent to know what to look for with regard to anomalies which might form in their child’s mouth and to make sure they promote proper brushing and flossing techniques.

Part of the education for the parents will be the suggestion to get the child off the bottle and onto a cup as early as possible. This will alleviate some of the potential problems with bite and jaw function as they grow. Also, we will educate parents on proper diet helping the child avoid candy and drinking sodas.

Why is it Important?

Believe it or not tooth decay is the most widely diagnosed disease in children. The numbers presented by the American Dental Association are staggering. The sad thing is, unlike some of the more deadly diseases such as cancer or diabetes, tooth decay can easily be avoided simply by brushing and flossing properly.

A University of Washington study found that 40% of all children deal with some form of tooth decay before reaching kindergarten. For those children in elementary school, over 60% of them had some decay issues and one in five had cavities in more than one tooth.

All it takes is proper oral health to avoid these issues. Why not bring your child into our office today to begin their oral health care journey? Call our office at 206-791-2020 today to get an appointment.
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