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Dental Veneers

Rendering of jaw with porcelain veneer on toothVery few of us knew what veneers were thirty years ago. We probably would not have even considered them dental in nature. However, when it became a widely known fact that Hollywood celebrities were using veneers to improve and brighten their smiles, the public clamored for the same treatments. This started a cosmetic dentistry boom.

Veneers are not only minimally invasive, but they are also incredibly inexpensive. They are small porcelain slivers that are permanently glued to the visible side of the patient’s tooth. One in place, they greatly improve the look of the patient’s smile. They can be shaped and sized to match the teeth in the patient’s mouth and colored to blend in, so it is not obvious to anyone looking that there are any dental appliances in place. They can be placed on a single problematic tooth or across multiple teeth. They use adhesive in order to hold the veneer in place. This can be done neatly and quickly in our office.

All of us look in the mirror every day trying to improve our appearance. Maybe we look at our smile and wish it was a brighter and straighter look. Our smile is our first impression. Those patients concerned about their smile or who are in search of information concerning veneers should come into our office to find out more about them.

What Happens in Tooth Preparation?

The outer layer of the enamel is removed from each tooth having a veneer placed. We do not remove much at all, less than the thickness of a fingernail. This is done to make room for the veneer. Without doing this, the patient’s teeth will feel odd, their size thicker and bigger than what they are used to.

A local anesthetic is used to make sure the patient is comfortable during the process. Once the teeth are prepped, we make a mold to make sure the veneers will be placed in their appropriate places. We can also match the color of the teeth by tinting them to any shade desired.

Recovery Period After Veneers Are Placed

Veneer placement takes two office visits but neither one takes long at all. The first appointment involves assessing the mouth and preparing the tooth surface for veneer placement. We always show the patients how they will be placed so if they do not like the suggested plan, we can make adjustments. Veneers cannot be removed and replaced dozens of times, so they need to make sure they like the way they look before placement.

Veneers can last a long time when properly cared for. Patients need to make sure they are careful of them because they are thin and brittle and can break off with relative ease. If you have questions about veneers, why not come into our office to talk it over? Call us today at 206-791-2020 to schedule an appointment.
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