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Cosmetic Dentistry
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Beautiful woman smiling in Seattle.At Alki Dental, Dr. Hanbit Chi and his dental team practice several types of dentistry, including cosmetic dentistry. Cosmetic dentistry can brighten and improve your smile in a variety of ways. If you have teeth that are chipped, cracked, crooked, or broken, we have a lot of options that could make over your smile. If cracked teeth are your problem, we can put dental veneers over your cracked teeth. If you have chipped teeth, we may be able to put composite bonding on your teeth and restore your teeth. If you are missing teeth, we can place prosthetic teeth in your jaw using dental implants. Once we are finished repairing your smile, we can whiten your teeth to make your smile perfect.

Dental Veneers

We can use dental veneers to fix problems with your teeth. We can also fix a lot of issues all at one time with the use of veneers. If you have teeth that are cracked, broken, chipped, or discolored, all of those problems can be fixed with veneers. That is the power of the veneers we offer here at Alki Dental. Veneers are often known as Hollywood teeth because of their reputation for transforming people’s smiles, in only a single treatment.

We first have to check your mouth to ensure that you are a good candidate for veneers. If you are a good candidate, we will then make impressions of your teeth, so that we can make veneers that fit perfectly. Dental veneers are basically thin, tooth-colored “shells” that attach to the front surface of your teeth. This gives your teeth a whiter, and more uniform appearance. So if you have teeth that vary in size or color, veneers will improve their appearance.

When your veneers are ready, we will check them to make sure that they complement your skin, hair and eye color. We then need to sand your teeth down a bit and cement your veneers. The veneers easily cement right over your natural teeth. You will have a great new smile before you know it.

Dental Bonding

As far as cosmetic dental procedures go, dental bonding is the easiest and least expensive form of treatment. Dental bonding is a quick and easy way to have chipped teeth repaired and shaped to look like the rest of your teeth.

For dental bonding, our dentist will apply composite resin over your affected tooth, then mold and shape your tooth and an ultraviolet light will be used to harden the material. When you have a tooth bonded, the procedure will only take 30 to 60 minutes in total to complete. It is an easy and painless procedure and does not require any anesthesia.

It is important to keep in mind that whenever a tooth has been bonded it is still vulnerable. Bonding material can chip so the most important part of aftercare is avoiding bad habits that can damage your teeth. Our dentists recommend that you should not bite your nails, eat ice, or chew on hard inedible objects like pens. Otherwise, your bonded teeth do not require any special care.

Our dentists also always commend that you practice good oral hygiene habits by flossing and brushing teeth twice a day or after each meal, using antiseptic mouthwash or toothpaste, and scheduling cleanings with your dental healthcare provider every six months.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening performed by our dentists gives you a shining, beautiful smile, thereby promoting your confidence. You may want to consider professional whitening because the procedure is done using quality whitening products and techniques that are safe and offer quick results. Often, at-home whitening with the use of bleaching kits may be ineffective. It could also cause damage to your bite. Most whiteners can only remove surface stains and the results delivered are not consistent. Our teeth whitening specialists only utilize safe, effective, and approved whitening products.

All whitening procedures use bleaching agents, therefore, the concentrations and technique of application matter a lot. Do-it-yourself whitening methods can cause severe irritation to the gum tissue. Additionally, these bleaching agents can erode the enamel, hence increasing the odds of having cavities and decay or sensitivity.

Before seeking a teeth whitening treatment, you perhaps want to know what it entails and what to expect. Our dentist will first examine and check your mouth to ensure your gums and teeth are in good health. We evaluate the extent of staining in order to see the best treatment approach to apply. Our dentist will prepare the teeth by cleaning them properly to get rid of any plaque, bacteria, tartar, and food debris. Cleaning the teeth and gums helps improve the effectiveness of our whitening treatment.

Our dentist utilizes a whitening gel that is applied on the tooth surface. The dentist then shines a light towards the gel to activate it, thereby, whitening the teeth. To help protect the gums as well as the lips, the dentist carefully and safely protects them against the light-activated bleach. Besides, the dentist applies a low-sensitivity whitening solution in order to avoid damaging the enamel. If you have sensitive teeth, our dentist may apply fluoride after completing the whitening process in order to protect the teeth.

A whitening agent will not work on teeth that have been restored, such as teeth bonding and dental implants, nor will they work on teeth that have stains that impact the entire enamel, such as tooth decay, trauma, or from tetracycline usage. It is important to scale your expectations depending on how your teeth were stained. Our staff at Alki Dental can help determine if you are eligible for a professional teeth whitening procedure.

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There are a lot of ways that we can help you improve your smile. From small changes to big changes, because even small changes can lead to big results. You can change the health and appearance of your gums, mouth, and teeth with cosmetic dentistry. Contact Dr. Hanbit Chi and his dental team here at Alki Dental today to find out how you can repair and improve your smile. Call us at 206-791-2020 today to set up an appointment.

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At Alki Dental, Dr. Hanbit Chi and his dental team practice several types of dentistry, including cosmetic dentistry. Click here to learn more.
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