In May 2006, The ADA(American Dental Association)  Council on Scientific Affairs researched about Fluoride use.

Fluoridated water, fluoride toothpaste, fluoride gels, and fluoride varnish were tested in multiple test groups.

In the low risk group, fluoride was found to provide adequate caries (cavity) prevention.  In the moderate/high risk group, professionally applied topical Fluoride was found to be beneficial for all ages.

Fluoride supplements have been recommended for preventing cavities for more than three decades. In the systemic review, the evidence supporting the effectiveness of supplements for caries prevention in existing primary (baby) teeth was weak. However, for forming  permanent teeth, the daily use of supplements was found to prevent dental caries.

The Gibson research in 2014 states that Fluoride use reduces the need for future restorations in adults with high risk for caries.

What is Fluorosis?

Dental fluorosis is a change in the appearance of the tooth’s enamel surface. The most common types of fluorosis do not affect the function of the tooth and don’t cause pain.

What Causes Dental Fluorosis?

Dental fluorosis is caused by consuming too much fluoride over the period of time when teeth are forming but before they appear in the mouth. This takes place before 8 years of age. To avoid this possibility, supervise brushing so that children do not use too much toothpaste, mouthwash, or mouthrinse and learn to spit, not swallow.

See more detail in CDC website

Another thing you should know about Fluoride Varnish:

Fluoride Varnish contains pine nuts. Is it safe to give to kids that have nut allergies?

The risk would be extremely low with the use of a fluoride varnish in a patient with “nut allergies”. However, cross reactivity or simultaneous allergy has been described with almonds and peanuts. If the tree nut allergy is severe, it is suggested to test for pine nut allergy if pine nuts are in the product to be used. If the test is positive, it is recommend to search for another fluoride varnish hat does not contain pine nuts.

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