Dr. Hanbit Chi, DDS

Dr. Hanbit Chi believes dental experiences can be pleasant. When patients realize how much their doctor cares about them, their overall health will be improved.

Dr. Hanbit Chi is a comprehensive care dentist. He provides his teen and adult patients with all the traditional dental care services, as well as a growing list of highly technical and specialized treatments including esthetic restorative dentistry, TMJ treatment, root canal treatment, botox/filler service, oral surgery including wisdom teeth extraction, implant treatment and Intravenous (IV) sedation.

Dedicating his professional dental career to creating a warm and caring dental environment, Dr. Chi makes it a priority to stay educated on the leading edge of medical technology and premier dental techniques. These technologies and techniques help him provide his patients with the most advanced and complete dental care possible. His goal is to be a dental advocate for his patients and to provide the comprehensive dental care his patients expect. He regularly coordinates with specialty doctors to take care of his patients as needed until his patients are satisfied with the results.

Under the guidance of Dr. Hanbit Chi , our entire team cares about our patients’ experience.

Dr. Chi DDS

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