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No dental insurance?

Join the club!

For our patients with no dental Insurance, Alki Family Dental Club has your solution.

Historically, dental care patients basically have two choices to pay for dental services – either you pay for it all yourself, or you’re fortunate enough to have dental insurance. For decades, those were the only two options you had when a dental problem rose to the level of needing treatment.

Traditional dental insurance is expensive and loaded with restrictive limits, payment deductibles, waiting periods, coverage caps and treatment exclusions. Less expensive managed care dental plans were one answer, but access to care was difficult and providers were limited. The fact is, dentistry has seen no real innovation in the way patients pay for dental care in a long time–that is, until now.

Introducing Alki Dental Club

Modeled after managed care dental plans, the Alki Dental Club offers patients a predictable way to obtain prompt, high-quality, and cost-effective dental care. By removing third party insurance companies from all decision-making, we strengthen our patient/care-giver relationship and remove costs that add little or no value to your dental health.

Alki Dental Club is a membership program exclusively for our loyal patients who do not have dental insurance and who want a simpler way to manage the cost of their oral health.

How does it work?

It’s really quite simple – Patients pay a low annual (or monthly) membership fee which covers periodic cleanings, digital x-rays and doctor exams at discounted rates. Alki Dental Club membership plans include discounted fees for any restorative, cosmetic and/or surgical treatments performed at Alki Family Dental.

Alki Dental Club

Schedule a free consultation with Dr. Hanbit Chi to discuss your specific needs and to learn how joining the Alki Dental Club can improve your oral health.

Alki Dental Club members benefit from:

  • No claim forms to complete,
  • No deductibles for services,
  • No annual or lifetime spending limits on treatment discounts,
  • No exclusions for elective treatments or pre-existing conditions,
  • No waiting periods to schedule cleanings or treatments, and
  • No hassles worrying about coverage.

The Alki Dental Club is NOT insurance. It is a program designed to reward our loyal patients with discounted fees for the same great dental care you expect from Alki Dental.

The plan

$580/Annual ($49/month) or $490 if pt pays at once.


  • Free examination
  • x-rays
  • 2 cleanings
  • 15% discount for all treatments (except products to buy).

Program details

  • Membership dues are fixed for as long as you stay a member in good standing and your account is current. Our Rate-Lock Guarantee ensures your rates will never go up.
  • Club membership is based on a renewable annual commitment.
  • In addition to discounted treatment rates, Gold members may take advantage of zero-interest, short-term, in-house financing.
  • Adult individuals and families with youth 13 years or older are eligible to participate.
  • Alki Dental reserves the right to refer selected treatments to qualified doctors. All referred treatments are subject to the policies of the doctor providing services. Club discounts will not apply.